Crit Faced’s 2nd birthday!

On 13th April 2018, four strangers appeared in a misty clearing in the unwelcoming land of Barovia. Since then, every (okay, most) Friday we’ve had the pleasure of following their escapades as they try to escape the clutches of Baron Strahd Von Zarovich.

Over the years, the show has grown, and is now available on most podcast providors, including Spotify, as well as Youtube.

We’re celebrating our birthday in a few different ways:


New Beginnings

The first few episodes of the show suffer from particularly low audio quality – we’ve always been just a bunch of pals playing together, and our lack of podcasting experience really shows in those first few episodes. We now recommend that new listeners begin the show with Episode 20, which is a good part of the plot to start with, and we’ve also recorded a new introduction for that episode to catch listeners up on who the characters are, and filling them in on the story so far.

Of course, listeners can always choose to stick with our growing pains, as those first few episodes also contain some fantastic moments, as the team tries to survive Barovia’s Death House!


Bonus Episode

If you’ve not yet seen it, along with last Friday’s show we also released a bonus Crit Faced episode, in which the team chat about their favourite moments in the adventure so far:


Virtual Convention

On Thursday 16th April, the Crit Faced Crew will be hosting an AMA (Ask Me(us?)Anything) over on Reddit Fantasy – come and join us, to chat about the show, and about our writing!


Prequel Episode

At the show’s beginning, we had recorded a special prequel episode in which our players explored their character’s lives BEFORE our adventure began. This episode was originally a bonus extra for people who joined our mailing list. However, as we never had the time to use it we are discontinuing the mailing list, and instead the prequel episode is now available on our main social media platforms. Come and join us on Facebook and Twitter to talk about the show, and to check out our early thoughts about our characters, and the worlds they come from!


We’d like to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has enjoyed the show so far, and an excited welcome to anyone checking us out for the first time. We’ve had a blast over the past few years, and can’t wait to see where this madcap voyage ends up…


The Crit Faced Crew

Episode 89 and a special bonus episode!

It has been a while since the website has been updated, but we’ve been chugging away with (mostly) weekly updates every Friday!

This week has been a bit more special. We have our regular fare, as the adventure begins to heat up with combat in the vegetable garden:


However, we also have a special bonus episode, to celebrate two years of the show so far! In this mini-episode, we look back over our favourite Crit Faced moments, and our players make predictions for the outcome of the campaign:

Stick around for a further update tomorrow, which will be the two year anniversary of Crit Faced’s first episode!

The Great Catch-Up Post

Okay, this post has been a long time coming. Since October, the website has not been updated, but the show has gone on! The plan is to rectify this situation in the future, and to ensure that all episodes are available on the website, here is the lengthy list of all the shows we have posted since last updating this page:

Things are looking bad for our heroes…

After missing last week’s episode, two new Crit Faced shows have dropped this weekend (plus, here’s Episode 26, because we forgot to put it on the site).

We won’t lie – after you plough through these, you’ll find the party in their worst situation yet.

Don’t see how they can escape this one without someone lying horribly…


Episodes 23 – 25!

We’ve been behind in updating our episodes to the website recently – here are the last few weeks of the show!

Our team are striking out to the west, to the town of Vallaki, but the Vistani they have wronged are hot on their heels…


Our new YouTube channel! Also, Episode 20 – Return to the Blood of the Vine

We’ve got a pretty exciting few pieces of news today. First and foremost, Crit Faced is now also a YouTube channel! This has been our most requested feature since we began, so head over to our channel and subscribe, and check out a new animated version of our logo (provided by our author buddy, Ben Galley – thanks Ben!).

To celebrate, we’re hanging out over at Reddit DnD this weekend, asking people for suggestions for new monsters to feature in our warnings at the beginning of each episode – head on over and let us know what you’d like to hear next!

In this week’s episode, Kellin and Lord Talfryn return to the Blood of the Vine tavern. Without spoiling anything, I think the Crew is unanimous in saying that this is our favourite episode yet…

Episode 19 – Gone Shopping ALSO Phil has launched a new series!

Exciting news, Crit Faced Fans – Phil ‘Lord Talfryn’ Tucker has just launched the first book in a new fantasy series! Grab Death March now to find out what happens when Chris locks himself in a virtual reality game designed to kill him. Imagine playing D&D, but with your actual life on the line…

Back in Barovia, this week our heroes stock up on supplies before making their next move…


Don’t forget to check in next week for some big Crit Faced news…