Crit Faced is here!

It’s here!

This Friday 13th is particularly unlucky for four very unique individuals, for they are about to find themselves pulled away from their own worlds, lost in a land shrouded in mist…

As a special launch celebration, not one but THREE episodes have been released today, including a special Episode 0, in which we, the players, introduce ourselves before getting stuck into the adventure proper in Episodes 1 and 2. And Crit Faced is being released weekly, so after that you only have seven days to wait before continuing the story!

The best place to find Crit Faced right now is on Apple Podcasts, where you can subscribe to the show and automatically have it downloaded to your device as each episode is released. We’re working hard to have Crit Faced available on a wider range of platforms, and our Fan Group will be the first to hear when that happens.

Until then, if Apple Podcasts does not suit you, feel free to listen direct right here:

As you might imagine, this is a pretty exciting time for us. From all the Crew, we hope you enjoy our first steps on this adventure. If you like what you hear, and if you are listening on Apple Podcasts, please do take a few seconds to leave a review, as that is the number one thing that can help us reach a wider audience.

Enjoy, and until next week, take care,

The Crit Faced Crew

3 thoughts on “Crit Faced is here!

  1. Pretty good start. I will check back in next week. I am running a CoS campaign myself and we are on session 2. I like that the episodes are broken up into small chunks. I love Critical Role, obviously, but the episodes are so long that I find myself zoning out in the middle. Keep up the good work!

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