Episode 3 – The Body

Episode 3 has landed! Follow our heroes as they begin to explore this mist-filled land…

Just before we go, the entire Crew wanted to say a massive thanks to the fantasy literature and Dungeons & Dragons communities for supporting our show – we’ve been blown away by the response to Crit Faced. We were only expecting our nearest and dearest to tune in, but last week you all got us into the Top 10 Games & Hobbies podcast charts in the US and UK, and we’ve already had over ten thousand downloads of the show. A huge thanks in particular to the audio experts who reached out to give us some advice on how to improve the quality of our audio experience. You’ll be able to experience some of the fruits of those chats in today’s episode, and as we record new sessions we’ll strive to make further improvements.

Thanks again folks, and until next week, take care,


The Crit Faced Crew