Episode 6 – From bad to Durst. Also, check out Phil’s Kickstarter success!

The party climbs the stairs to the upper floors of the empty house, in search of the rumoured monster…

Also, Phil Tucker has launched a Kickstarter in the hopes of raising money to commission gorgeous interior artwork for the first novel in his upcoming fantasy LitRPG trilogy, as well as produce a hardcover version.

Head on over to the Kickstarter page and search for ‘Death March’ to learn more about this project and take advantage of the limited Early Bird discount while it lasts!

Episode 5 arrives! Also, some of our authors have a sale you might be interested in…

Episode 5 is here! Our heroes continue to look for the monster in the basement…


Also, Timandra, Phil, David and Benedict are taking part in a multi-author sale with a bunch of their author pals, including international bestseller Michael J Sullivan:

Head on over to our SALE PAGE right now to check out all the goodies on offer over there. Many of the authors involved have some deeply discounted titles on there (each of the Crit Faced Crew involved have a title reduced to 99c/99p on selected Amazon stores).

Episode 3 – The Body

Episode 3 has landed! Follow our heroes as they begin to explore this mist-filled land…

Just before we go, the entire Crew wanted to say a massive thanks to the fantasy literature and Dungeons & Dragons communities for supporting our show – we’ve been blown away by the response to Crit Faced. We were only expecting our nearest and dearest to tune in, but last week you all got us into the Top 10 Games & Hobbies podcast charts in the US and UK, and we’ve already had over ten thousand downloads of the show. A huge thanks in particular to the audio experts who reached out to give us some advice on how to improve the quality of our audio experience. You’ll be able to experience some of the fruits of those chats in today’s episode, and as we record new sessions we’ll strive to make further improvements.

Thanks again folks, and until next week, take care,


The Crit Faced Crew

Crit Faced is here!

It’s here!

This Friday 13th is particularly unlucky for four very unique individuals, for they are about to find themselves pulled away from their own worlds, lost in a land shrouded in mist…

As a special launch celebration, not one but THREE episodes have been released today, including a special Episode 0, in which we, the players, introduce ourselves before getting stuck into the adventure proper in Episodes 1 and 2. And Crit Faced is being released weekly, so after that you only have seven days to wait before continuing the story!

The best place to find Crit Faced right now is on Apple Podcasts, where you can subscribe to the show and automatically have it downloaded to your device as each episode is released. We’re working hard to have Crit Faced available on a wider range of platforms, and our Fan Group will be the first to hear when that happens.

Until then, if Apple Podcasts does not suit you, feel free to listen direct right here:

As you might imagine, this is a pretty exciting time for us. From all the Crew, we hope you enjoy our first steps on this adventure. If you like what you hear, and if you are listening on Apple Podcasts, please do take a few seconds to leave a review, as that is the number one thing that can help us reach a wider audience.

Enjoy, and until next week, take care,

The Crit Faced Crew

Coming Soon!

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